Citizens' action group to be formed to probe Nozdrovska's murder

2.01.2018 р., 17:10

Kyiv police chief Dmyto Tsenov has conceded to formation of a citizens' action group of members of the public who demand a proper inquiry into the murder of lawyer Iryna Nozdrovska. Tsenov stated this at a rally with a request to find Nozdrovska's killers, which was held near Kyiv Police Headquarters on January 2 afternoon.

Earlier during the rally, the protesters demanded the formation of an investigative team, in particular, with the involvement of operative investigators from Kyiv, and interrogate those who repeatedly threatened Nozdrovska.

As reported, human rights activist and lawyer Nozdrovska disappeared at the end of 2017 and was found dead in a river in Vyshgorod district, Kyiv region, on January 1. Her body was sent to a forensic medical examination. The police have opened a criminal proceeding on counts of deliberate murder.

Nozdrovska for a long time sought a verdict for the murderer of her sister, Svitlana, who was killed in a road accident in September 2015.The woman was knocked down by a drunk driver, the nephew of the chairman of Vyshgorod District Court, Dmytro Rossoshansky. Despite the obvious nature of the crime, relatives sought justice for more than two years. Lawyer Iryna Nozdrovska personally oversaw the case, spoke in court, and due to this she repeatedly received threats from the defendant and his relatives.

Citizens' action group to be formed to probe Nozdrovska's murder

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