Saakashvili tells about his role in Ukrainian politics

Saakashvili tells about his role in Ukrainian politics

Former head of the Odessa Regional State Administration, Georgian ex-president explained what he sees as his role in Ukrainian politics.

He told about this in an interview on Channel 24.

On the direct question, why Mikheil Saakashvili should be in Ukrainian politics, he replied that this should first of all be answered by the Ukrainian people. "We must say that Ukraine is now on the brink of great change, I have no doubts that the power will change in Ukraine, may be in a few months, but it will change peacefully," Saakashvili assured. According to him, the current power in Ukraine is "absolutely helpless, weak, frightened and makes mistake after mistake."

"Now everyone has to ask themselves what should be done not to lose the country, how to make sure that there is a real dialogue between all the forces who are ready to live without lie, corruption and theft, those who love Ukraine and do not want to plunder it, how to make them realize that they have to sit at the negotiating table ", the former Odessa governor is convinced.

The politician recalled that in his first government in Georgia in 2003, there was not a single man from the previous government, and here in each government, as a baton, the old ministers are transferred from the 90s.

"It is necessary to completely change the composition of the government and I will be happy to participate in it. I would like to show it all and then leave Ukrainian politics, but stay in Ukraine," Saakashvili said.