This can not be forgotten: Holodomor in Vinnitsya region

This can not be forgotten: Holodomor in Vinnitsya region

In Vinnitsya archivists presented an exhibition of declassified documents "The Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Vinnytsya, a tragedy of the Ukrainian people."

This was reported by the employee of the State Archives in Vinnytsya region, candidate of historical sciences Volodymyr Petrenko.

"The exhibition presents materials that reveal information about peasant protests because of the reluctance to go to the collective farms and the Holodomor as a fact of a directed process of destroying the Ukrainian people. These materials were well preserved, as during the Second World War they were evacuated to the territory of the Russian Federation. They are extremely informative and give an opportunity to analyze the preconditions of the tragedy, methods and technologies for implementing the very genocide, demographic consequences ",said Petrenko.

According to him, the exposition consists of 4 sections. The documents presented in them testify to the economic and political situation in Vinnitsya in 1928 - 1932 and the excessive state grain procurement as one of the prerequisites for a major tragedy.

Documents on mortality from starvation, witnesses' memories and printed publications on the Holodomor in Vinnitsya region are also displayed.