Ukraine - fourth in Europe by export of mushrooms

Ukraine - fourth in Europe by export of  mushrooms

Exports of fresh mushrooms from Ukraine have grown 50 times, but still insufficient in comparison with mushroom production.

This is reported by the National Mushroom Agency "UMDIS".

"The export of fresh mushrooms from Ukraine for 9 months of 2017 amounted to 279 tons, which is 50 times more than for the same period of last year (5 tons), and Ukraine exported 40 tons of mushrooms over the whole 2016. Exports made about 1% of the total volume of mushrooms production in the country ", -the message says.

The geography of exports is not so diverse. 79% of champignons (220 tons) were exported to Moldova, 20% (56 tons) were sold to Belarus. Other countries shared the remaining 1%. Only one delivery was made to Romania, one to Israel and Kuwait.

According to the senior lecturer of technology processing and storage of agricultural products at the Tavria State Agrotechnological University Iryna Bandura, Ukraine is on the 4th place in the production of fungi in Europe, and each Ukrainian consumes an average of 1.8 kg of mushrooms per year. Now ahead of Ukraine in the field of mushroom production are only France, Italy and Spain.