The Orchestra of Folk and Popular Music of the Ukrainian radio

It is one of the leading artistic ensembles of Ukraine (established in 1929), distinguished by its original sound, inherent to this orchestra only.  Musical instruments of Ukraine show all the diversity of sound colours and tembres. A combination of vibrant sounds of pipe and violin, pensive accords of bandura and soft rustling of kobza, fiery tunes of tsymbaly and multicoloured bayan make a present-day sound pallete of the Ukrainian folk and popular music.

The Orchestra’s repertoire includes works by the composers who came to become the founders of the Ukrainian professional music. They are M. Lysenko, M. Zavadsky, S. Hulak-Artemovsky, O. Nizhankivsky, Ya. Lopatynsky. The chief place in the Orchestra’s concert programmes belongs to the compositions by L. Revutsky,  B. Lyatoshynsky, M. Verykivsky,  I. Shamo, A.Shtogarenko, I. Karabits  , O. Bilash, A. Haidenko. The Folk and Popular music Orchestra is a training laboratory for developing creative and artistic skills of young Ukrainian composers. Many works by  V. Stepurko, Ye. Lionok, I. Kyrylina, V. Zubytsky, V. Shumeiko and others were first performed by this Orchestra.  A bunch of excellent virtuoso musicians have been trained in this ensemble who came to become brilliant performers in folk instruments. They are A. Sergeyev – flute, Yu. Yatsenko- kobza, Ye. Sobchenko - bandura, A. Murzha-bayan and many other performers.

The recordings made by the Orchestra with the Ukrainian opera luminaries Z. Haidai, B. Hmyrya, I. Patorzhynsky, M. Lytvynenko-Volgemut L. Rudenko are available at the audio collection of the National radio company of Ukraine. High level of the Orchestra’s performing art, its bright and original sound always attracted the leading Ukrainian singers. A number of programmes with D. Hnatyuk, G. Tsypola, A. Mokrenko, G. Tuftina, R. Kyrychenko, G. Hrytsyuk, L. Zabilyasta, V. Lukyanets, S. Dobronravova, V.Pyvovarov, I. Semenenko have been produced by the Orchestra. Talented youth – students and graduates of the conservatoire, young prize-winners of different contests make their first tries performing with the Orchestra. Together with the Orchestra they demonstrate their performing skills before the audience of the whole country, making their appearance in radio and TV broadcasts and opened concerts.

Long-term fruitful work of such conductors as M. Khivrych, A. Bobyr, V. Hutsal contributed much to improving the performing and artistic level of the Orchestra.

The Orchestra is a regular participant in different cultural events - International festivals, concerts, workshops etc.

At present time the Orchestra is focused on achieving a fundamental connection between tradition and innovation, creative interpretation of musical heritage, considering modern tendencies. This enables the Orchestra to make a worthy presentation of exciting folk and classical music concert programmes before the audience.