Arms and Security Kyiv 2015 exhibition to host over 200 companies from 10 countries

18.09.2015 р., 13:15

Beside Ukrainian companies, 21 companies from nine other countries will take part in the exhibition, the organization committee of the exhibition reported. The US, UK, Israel, China, India, Bulgaria, Estonia, the Netherlands, and Poland have confirmed their participation. "Considering the fact that the Arms and Security 2015 is held under the conditions of continuing Russian aggression against Ukraine, its main events are focused on meeting the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the National Guard and other Ukrainian [military] forces. However, under current conditions, Arms and Security 2015 is considered a serious instrument for extending military-technical cooperation between Ukraine and foreign partners and increasing orders for the national military-industrial complex," organizers said. The total exhibition area is 18,000 sq. meters where over 40 full-scale models of national and foreign military and special equipment, including aviation models, will be presented. As part of the military exhibition, arms and individual equipment for soldiers on battlefield will be presented, including equipment and weaponry for ground forces, law enforcement agencies, border control, and military aviation.

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