In Ukraine, gas price for households to increase

17.01.2018 р., 12:45

The government has developed a new formula for revision of gas tariffs for the householdsd and plans to increase gas price by more than 8% from April 1.

This is reported by the TSN.

The relevant draft resolution was prepared by the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry. The document stipulates that from April 1, it can completely depart from the principle of determining the price of gas for households and revise it every six months depending on the value of imported parity.
Gas for the population in two and a half months can rise in price by 8.3% - from UAH 4942 per one thousand cubic meters to UAH 5352. This price will be valid until April 1, 2019.

This is informed by "Ukrainian News".

Recall, to revise the formula for calculating the price of gas for the population was one of requirements of the main creditor of Ukraine - the International Monetary Fund. Without this, there will be no new loan tranche. Minister of Finance Oleksandr Danilyuk had previously traveled to the IMF in Washington, but the parties have not reached agreement.

In Ukraine, gas price for households to increase

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