Parliament considering Bill on Donbas

16.01.2018 р., 13:45

Ukraine's parliament on January 16 is scheduled to floor the "Law on certain aspects of state policy for ensuring state Ukrainian sovereignty in temporarily occupied areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions" in its second reading. The bill identifies Russia as the 'state-aggressor' against Ukraine.

The adoption of this law is also required by the participants of a protest rally, dubbed "Stop Revenge," demanding passage of several laws involving the de-occupation of Donbas, imposing sanctions on Russian companies and the establishment of an anti-corruption court. Some demonstrators are also demanding that several politicians "with connection with the country's previous rulers" be brought to justice.

An altercation between activists and police occurred outside Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada after persons set fire to a Russian flag.

The situation was quickly brought under control.Some 3,800 police and National Guard troops have been deployed to keep the peace outside parliament.

Demonstrators are expected to march on Presidential Administration to deliver their demands. Organizers of the rally include Free People group, Ukrainian People's Rada of Donetsk and Luhansk, National Alliance, Musical Battalion, and C-14 and Ukrainian nationalist groups.


Parliament considering Bill on  Donbas

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