Sanctions to be imposed against Ukrainian performers touring in Russia

11.01.2018 р., 15:50

The National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting proposes to impose fines or criminal liability for Ukrainian performers touring on the territory of the aggressor state.

This is stated in a statement made by the chairman of the National Council Yuriy Artemenko during the meeting.

"Legislators could consider and apply world practice to make the impact upon domestic performers conducting concert activities in a country recognized as an aggressor, which could be penalties or criminal liability for them. And TV and radio organizations could be obliged to limit the participation of such artists or cultural figures in the broadcasts, perhaps for a certain period, in which case the national regulator will receive real levers of influence on the broadcasters, "Artemenko said.

The National Council receives the appeals both by post and through social networks and the media - concerning the performances of Ukrainian artists who are actively touring in the Russian Federation. In this situation, the regulator has no levers of influence on the broadcasting organization, because the law does not say anything about it at all. In this case, any action by the National Council on the restriction will be appealed in court, and the chance to defend a position that can be understood from the point of view of ethical standards, but without a legal basis equals to zero. "Therefore, this situation can be solved only in the legislative field", - the statement states.

Sanctions to be imposed against Ukrainian performers touring in Russia

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