Operation "Christmas tree"continues in Lviv

29.12.2017 р., 14:10

Patrol policemen, together with employees of the forestry, verify the legality of selling coniferous trees on the Christmas markets.

Our correspondent Natalia Kozachuk tells about the results of such raids:

"According to the decision of the city executive committee in Lviv, there are 25 places where trees can be traded, but even here law enforcers and foresters find violations - some coniferous trees are sold without mandatory chips and ribbons.

Often, putting Christmas trees for sale, sellers make tricks, - says patrol policeman Olexander Savitsky.

Several dozen fur-trees that were llegally offerred for sale in the city already been removed from the vendors in a few days. Violators of the rules of trade will be punished with fines, which, depending on the diameter of the trees, fluctuate from UAH 200 to 2 thousands. "

Operation "Christmas tree"continues in Lviv

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