Reconstruction works completed in Balaklia

27.12.2017 р., 14:05

The repair and reconstruction works in Balaklia, where in March 2017 the ammo depo exploded, were completely finished.

Our own correspondent in Kharkiv region Vitalina Zinkivska - more:

"Balaklija now looks better than before the catastrophe: all around shines with new roofs and windows. Two dozen construction companies have restored 117 residential high-rise buildings and other objects damaged by explosions, explosive waves and fires. They have been paid UAH 128 million hryvnias from the Reserve Fund of the State, from the regional and district budgets. Housing for victims of fires, whose dwellings were not subject to restoration, were purchased. The residents of the city received more than UAH 44 million of material assistance.

During large-scale repairs, we managed to solve problems which otherwise would have still remained unresolved, says Ivan Balodovsky, the mayor of Balaklia. Also, four roads were repaired, which were for long in poor condition before the accident , but there was always a shortage of money for their repair. Now they look nice with fresh, smooth asphalt. "

Reconstruction works completed in Balaklia

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