Ukrainian captives held in Donbas leave for place of exchange

27.12.2017 р., 12:15

The captured Ukrainian military held on the territory of the self-proclaimed 'Donetsk People's Republic' left their detention facilities for the place of exchange for the 'DPR' supporters held in Ukraine. A motorcade carrying the Ukrainian military is now moving in the direction of Horlivka., 16 prisoners have already been sent from Luhansk, which is uncontrolled by the government. Fifty-eight prisoners will be sent from certain areas of Donetsk region uncontrolled by the Ukrainian government. Prisoners have already been taken from a colony in Makiyivka, but their number is unknown.

It is expected that Kyiv will give over to the so-called DNR and LNR 306 people whose names are included by militants in lists for for exchange, and 74 prisoners of war and civilians will be given to the Ukrainian authorities.

The exchange process itself should begin at 12:00. The exact location where the prisoners' swap will take place, is not made public for security reasons. As well as no information is given regarding detailed lists of people who will be exchanged.

This is first exchange of captives in the Donbas for a long period.

Ukrainian captives held in Donbas leave for place of exchange

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