Ukrainian cinema can compete with foreign films

26.12.2017 р., 17:30

For the first time in this year, for the first time in Ukraine's history, dozens of premieres of domestic films took place , two thirds of which were completely made with the state support.

Vice Prime Minister Pavel Rozenko announced this at the All-Ukrainian meeting of cultural workers, the Government portal said.

"This year we have already seen the first results of the recently adopted Law of Ukraine" On state support for cinematography". "For the first time in our history, this year we saw premieres of about 30 Ukrainian films, of which 2/3 were completely made thanks to the state support. ... And the latest films such as Kiborgs, Red, Watchtower, and Mezha completely dismantled the patterns of perception of Ukrainian cinema and showed that they can compete equally with the best American and European films " , stressed Pavlo Rozenko. He added that even the distributors were not ready for the success of these films, they had to get adjusted already in the process.

Ukrainian cinema can compete with foreign films

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