New subway stations to be built in Kharkiv

20.12.2017 р., 13:05

New subway stations in Kharkiv should be built  in Kharkiv with the help of European financial institutions.

By signing the relevant agreement the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Investment Bank allocate Kharkiv a total of 320 million euros for the construction of two subway stations "Odeska" and "Derzhavinska", as well as for the construction of the Olexiyivske Electrodepo and for the purchase of 85 cars. 10 million euros will come from the city budget.

When signing the agreement, EBRD Director in Ukraine Shevki Adjuner said that it is the largest investment project this year. And it will become the standard of how to implement similar projects in other cities.


New subway stations to be built in Kharkiv

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