Kyiv to address NATO PA over presence of Serbian mercenaries in Donbas

19.12.2017 р., 15:35

Ukraine is preparing an address to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) over the arrival of Serbian mercenaries snipers to Donbas, the chairwoman of the permanent Ukrainian delegation to the NATO PA, Bloc of Petro Poroshenko MP Iryna Friz, has said.

Friz also expressed her confidence that the actions of mercenaries will receive an appropriate condemnation from the international community.

"And another supporters of the "Russian world," in particular, leader Dejan Berić with covername Deki would be added to 45 criminal cases against the warring Serbian mercenaries in Donbas by Serbian authorities," she said.

Earlier on December 19, the ATO headquarters press center reported that a group of Serbian mercenaries are in the Donetsk section with the aim of conducting military operations against the Ukrainian Armed Forces and to commit provocations against civilians in the frontline settlements. Their leader is Dejan Berić with covername Deki.

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