Venice Cmmission's recommendations to be taken into account in Ukraine's Law on Education

12.12.2017 р., 12:30

The Ministry of Education and Science has developed three models of national minorities' languages in the educational process - taking into account the recommendations of the Venice Commission.

This is reported by the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science.

According to officials, the law on general secondary education will provide for using all three models of instruction in schools with minority languages in order to take into account the educational needs of children of different national communities.

The first model involves teaching the minority language of all subjects from 1 to 11 (12) classes along with the Ukrainian language for vulnerable languages. These are the languages ​​of national minorities who do not have their own state for the development of terminology, as well as those who do not live in the environment of their own language. For example, for the Crimean Tatars.

The second model is intended for teaching to national communities whose language belongs to the languages of the European Union.

The third model concerns minorities, whose language belongs to one of the Ukrainian language families, as well as those who live mainly in their own language environment (Russian language)

Recall that on December 11, the Venice Commission issued a decision on the language provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On Education". The document contains a number of recommendations for Ukraine. At the same time, the decision states that the rights of the Hungarian minority and other minorities of the EU member states can be respected without amending the seventh article of the law, that is, the language of instruction.

Venice Cmmission's recommendations to be taken into account in Ukraine's Law on Education

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