American journalist presents book on Holodomor in Kyiv

21.11.2017 р., 12:40

Journalist, writer, historian, winner of the Pulitzer Prize Anne Applebaum presented in ukraine her book on the Holodomor in Ukraine "Red Famine - Stalin's War on Ukraine".

The book was released in October and is currently only in English, reports Radio Svoboda.

According to the author, in order to fully cover the events, it was necessary to begin the story from 1917 - since the time of the national Ukrainian revolution, which took place simultaneously with the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. She also noted that the book is not only about the Holodomor.

"The book explains the Soviet policy towards Ukraine, it becomes clear the foundation of the Holodomor, as well as the fact that for Stalin Ukraine was an existential problem, which was not the same as for other republics like Tajikistan or Armenia, it was a special problem for Stalin, that the rejection of communism could affect Moscow, which virtually happened in 1918. He was afraid. This is what I wanted to convey in the title of the book that tells about much more than simply about 1932 , " the author of the book told.

According to her, they plan to translate the book into Ukrainian, possibly, there will be a Russian version.

Anne Applebaum's book, published in English in Britain and the United States, gave rise to additional attention to the history of Ukraine, in particular, the crimes of the Stalinist regime. The journalist insists that the Holodomor is an act of genocide.

American journalist presents book on Holodomor in Kyiv

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