Lawyer Volodymyr Pylypenko: "From now on video recording of searches is mandatory"

17.11.2017 р., 12:50

Volodymyr Pilipenko, representative of Ukraine at the Venice Commission, commented in the program of the Ukrainian Radio "Today. Morning", on the on amendments made to some legislative acts to ensure that law enforcement agencies observe the rights of participants in criminal proceedings and other persons during pre-trial investigations, that were approved by the Verkhovna Rada.
"Now, video recording of search operations will be beneficial of interest not only to the prosecution side, but also to the defense side that will file this video during the trial.The bill also foresees mandatory video recording of search operations and consideration of petitions by the investigative judge, except for the decision on conducting secret investigative actions.

"At the same time, the video recording provided by the investigator and the prosecutor is an integral part of a search protocol. At the same time, the defense team has the right to independently carry out a video recording of the raid," reads the explanatory note to the bill.

The bill also provides for the attorney to be allowed at any stage of the search, which will protect the rights of citizens and enterprises. That is all imperative."