Artyomsol's accounts arrested

3.11.2017 р., 15:15

Accounts of state-owned enterprise Artyomsol in the evening on November 2, 2017 were arrested, and operations of the enterprise could be paralyzed, the enterprise has said in a press release.

According to the report, the accounts were arrested as part of the enforcement procedure to collect UAH 70.5 million of fine from Artyomsol, as the company violated the conditions of a contract with collective enterprise of peacekeeping soldiers Memory in the period of 2013-2015.

The state-owned company said that if the above penalties are written off from its accounts, social obligations may be jeopardized. Nevertheless, the management of the enterprise is taking measures aimed at timely payment of salaries to employees of Artyomsol and meeting all the financial obligations.

Artyomsol's accounts arrested

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