Not a single kilometer of border with Russia ligally equipped

2.11.2017 р., 16:45

Not a single kilometer of the state border between Ukraine and Russia is legally equipped. This information was made at the on - site meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee for Legislative Support of Law Enforcement activity in Kharkiv.

As our correspondent Vitalina Zinkivska informed,the demarcation of the border between Ukraine and Russia was carried out only 13 years after Ukraine gained independence, and it was done on the maps of a fairly large scale, where one point can be equal to 50 square meters, which leads to provocative incidents, when Russian border guards destroy Ukrainian marks of demarcation, stating that those are installed on their territory.

The second problem is that demarcation took place after the land was distributed berween farmers by land shares , . Therefore, when Russian aggression began and it was decided to turn the primitive strip of cultivated land into a real border - with an earth shaft, engineering structures, support points, observation towers, it became clear that doing this is nowhere. This was disclosed by head of the Eastern Regional Directorate of the State Border Guard Service, Major-General Sergei Bidylo.

In addition, there is a problem with local checkpoints. They were 16 of them on the territory of the Kharkiv, they were all built a quarter century ago and have long become outdated and no longer meet any modern criteria. The border guards demand that parliamentarians resolve these complex issues at the legislative level. "

Not a single kilometer of border with Russia ligally equipped

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