Radio dictation of National Unity will take place in format of international flashmob

2.11.2017 р., 15:40

The radio dictation will take place on the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language on November 9, this year it will take place in the format of an international flashmob.

This was announced at a press conference by the coordinator of the action, head of the special project "XVII Radio Dictation of National Unity" Alina Akulenko.

"The radio dictation has changed very substantially over the course of 17 years, and from mere checking one'd competence and literacy, today we have reached the status of a huge mass international flashmob," Akulenko said.

She said that the Ukrainian radio invites all those who want to not only get involved in writing, but also create their own dictation center - to come together with their family, team or group of friends, since the goal of the action is not to check literacy, but to unite. "We must understand that radio dictation is an action that is carried out by each of us," said the host of the special project.

Akulenko informed that after the first radio dictation in 2000, the organizers received about a thousand works, and last year they received more than 21 thousand. Geography of participants also went beyond Ukraine - last year organizers received radio dictations from participants from Finland, Italy, Great Britain, Egypt, Turkey , Belarus, Sweden, Portugal, France.

The radio dictation will sound at the First Channel of the Ukrainian Radio at 12 o'clock, it will traditionally consist of about 150 words, and it will be read by Associate Professor of the Kyiv Grinchenko University linguist Olexander Avramenko.

Dictations must be sent to the address of the Ukrainian Radio: Kyiv-1, Khreshchatyk, 26. Only works submitted on November 9 and 10 will be checked, and those who write a dictation without errors will be awarded with symbolic prizes.

Radio dictation of National Unity will take place in format of international flashmob