Ministries of education of Ukraine and Bulgaria agreed to develop cooperation

2.11.2017 р., 15:05

Ukrainian and Bulgarian Education Ministers Lilia Hrynevych and Krasimir Valchev have agreed that the Bulgarian Education Ministry will also be involved in developing new textbooks and programs and raising the skills of teachers in Ukrainian schools with the Bulgarian language of study, the press service of the Ukrainian Education and Science Ministry reported on November 1.

"We are ready to cooperate and actively participate in developing the education of the Bulgarian minority in Ukraine, as well as to contribute to the study of our language in your state," Valchev said at a meeting with Hrynevych.

Hrynevych noted that Ukraine was always open and ready for friendly cooperation with neighboring countries.

"We are grateful to Bulgaria for your consistent support of Ukraine at all levels. We are glad that we have such partners. I also want to emphasize that the law on education is a law of new opportunities, in particular, for the Bulgarian minority, and it gives us the opportunity to improve education for every Ukrainian child," she added.

The ministers agreed that a document envisaging such cooperation would be signed in Bulgaria in the near future.

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