Less than half of Russians stand for support of "L / DNR"

30.10.2017 р., 14:20

According to a Levada Center poll, 41% of Russians believe that the Russian Federation should support the "DNR" and "LNR" that arose during Russian aggression, 43% -oppose.

This is reported on the site of "Levada".

Residents of Ukraine basically support the independence of Ukraine and Russia and stand for friendly relations between the two countries, as evidenced by the September poll of the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS).

According to the data posted on October 30 by the joint project of KIIS and the Russian non-governmental research organization Levada Center, 39.9% of Ukrainians support this position. At the same time, 48.4% of Ukrainian respondents believe that Ukraine's relations with Russia should be the same as with other countries.

Some 3.7% of surveyed Ukrainians believe that Ukraine and Russia should unite in one state.

With direct regard to the attitude of Ukrainians towards Russia and vice versa - Russians to Ukraine, the following data were received: in September, 37% of Ukrainians were well or very well disposed to Russia, while 46% were bad or very bad, 17% were undecided. In Russia, 32% of Russians regarded Ukrainians well or very well, 53% - bad or very bad, 15% were undecided.

Thus, the number of positively disposed Ukrainians towards Russians has decreased from 44% to 37% since May, and the number of Russians positively disposed to Ukraine has grown from 26% to 32%.

A total of 41% of Russians believe that Russia should support "L / DNR." Another 37% believe that Russia should not support anyone, and 6% of those polled said that Russia should support Ukraine and the central authority in the conflict.

But 49% of Russians believe that the borders between the two countries should be open, and exactly the same number of Ukrainians (49%) believe that they should be closed.

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