Turnout in local elections over 48%

30.10.2017 р., 12:30

During the local elections to the united territorial communities (UTC) held on October 29, the voters' activity was quite high throughout the voting day.

This is reported by RBC.

"The relatively high activity of voters during the whole day of voting (48.2%) has affected the appearence of turns of voters at the time of the closure of polling stations," the statement said. The main problem during the voting was giving of ballots to without a passport.

As in the previous reporting period, as of 20:00 OPORA observers registered cases of violation of the secrecy of voting at 0.8% of polling stations. Meanwhile, observers noted that observers record no violations affecting final results of local elections in Ukraine and that polling station commissions were provided with all conditions to rule out any restrictions for monitoring all election procedures.

Turnout in local elections over 48%

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