Ukraine to introduce its own waste management model

27.10.2017 р., 14:50

The Governmental Committee has supported the draft Waste Management Strategy, and the Cabinet of Ministers can approve the document at the forthcoming meetings.

This was informed by Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Ostap Semerak.

According to him, the Ministry has been working on a strategy for more than a year with EBRD, GIZ, business associations and other relevant agencies.

"I know there are those who do not believe in a variety of strategies, but without political will and economic doctrines, they can not escape the collapse." At the same time, Germany and Switzerland also found their own optimal waste management models by way of trial and error. they have developed strategies and plans for action. We also need such a document, "Ostap Semerak stressed.

He also noted that only last year in the country more than 350 million tons of waste were accumulated. Of these, only 3% are household, the rest - industrial, construction, hazardous, agricultural and others.

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