Defense lawyers will not appeal arrest of suspect in auto accident in Kharkiv center

25.10.2017 р., 15:10

The defense team of Olena Zaitseva, who is a suspect in the automobile accident in the center of Kharkiv on October 18, will not appeal the pretrial confinement ruling of the court.

"We will not appeal. We do not want to attract attention, to create an uproar around Zaitseva," Yulia Kozyr, Zaitseva's lawyer said.

As earlier reported, on October 18 during the evening at the intersection of Sumska Street and Mechnykova Street in Kharkiv a Lexus RX sedan driven by Zaitseva, born 1997, ran a red light and crashed into a Volkswagen Touareg. As a result of the accident, the Lexus ran over 11 pedestrians on the sidewalk, five of whom died (four girls and a young man).

Kharkiv's Kyiv District Court on October 20 arrested Zaitseva for 60 days, setting no bail.

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