48% of settlements do not have even nurses

20.10.2017 р., 13:35

Currently, 48% of settlements, primarily small villages, do not have any medical infrastructure, or even a nurse or paramedic. This is one of the factors why the country has a high mortality rate.

An expert, director of the Revival "Institute for Future" Vadym Aristov, commenting on the law on medical reform that was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada, said about this in the broadcast of Ukrainian Radio in the program "Today. Morning".

According to Aristov, the document, among other things, provides for the creation of additional infrastructure in rural areas. The talk is, in particular, about "medical posts" at village councils, modernization of FAPs, construction of premises for rural clinics," Vadym Aristov said. And he added that in these outpatient facilities, if necessary, there would even be a doctor's home.

48% of settlements do not have even nurses

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