Only 7% of Ukrainians do not pay for services in hospitals

13.10.2017 р., 17:45

Only 7% of Ukrainians do not pay for medical services in state hospitals, while 36% of citizens pay for hospital stay and visits to the clinic.

Such data of the survey on medical reform was announced by head of the analytical department of the company SOCIS Oleksandr Chashkovsky.

"36% - completely pay for all medical services, partially or sometimes - 45%, the absolute majority of people also pay in full or in part. 11% said they use private medicine, and only 7% stated that they are completely use medical services free of charge and do not pay for doctors or other services from their own pockets, "said Chashkovsky.

According to him, in answer to the question what needs to be financed in public medicine, 55% of respondents answered it is medical services. At the same time, 40% of respondents consider that it is necessary to support health care institutions that provide these services directly, and 5% - refrained from answering.

Figures indicate that the actuality, importance and support in this case of reforms or dissatisfaction with medical services are unanimous for all categories.

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