European Parliament adopts resolution on human rights in Crimea

5.10.2017 р., 16:30

The deputies of the European Parliament voted for a resolution on Russia's violation of human rights in the occupied Crimea.

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MEPs demanded the release of a number of political prisoners and called for specialized structures of the UN, OSCE and Council of Europe to have unhindered access to Crimea.

In its resolution, the European Parliament "condemns the sentencing of Ilmi Umerov, Crimean Tatar Leader and Deputy Chair of the Mejlis, Akhtem Chiygoz, Deputy Chair of the Mejlis, and journalist Mykola Semena; demands that these convictions be reversed and that Mr Umerov and Mr Chyigoz are immediately and unconditionally released and all charges against Mr Semena are immediately and unconditionally dropped.".

The document lists the names of 44 other people, including Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov, the judgments against whom the European Parliament strongly condemns.

"[The European Parliament] strongly condemns the harsh sentences handed out to leaders of the Crimean Tatar community and others opposing the Russian annexation", reads the resolution.

European Parliament adopts resolution on human rights in Crimea

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