Bad weather approaching Kyiv

28.08.2017 р., 14:25

In Kyiv, in the coming hours, a thunderstorm and a strong gusty wind are expected, so the towns are asked to remove objects that may fall from balconies and loggias.

This is reported by the press service of the Kyiv City State Administration.

"August 28 in Kyiv at night - a thunderstorm and heavy rain, in the morning - a thunderstorm, in the morning and in the afternoon - gusts of wind 15-20 m / s, temperature is about 20° in the afternoon," the report said.

The city Department of Emergency Situations reminds about the basic safety rules. In particular, it is necessary to close all the windows in the house tightly, remove from the balconies and loggias the objects that can fall outside.

Bad weather approaching Kyiv

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