Yuri Tandit: Number of Ukrainian hostages detained by militants increases

31.07.2017 р., 14:40

In recent days, the number of Ukrainian hostages detained by militants in the Donbas has grown to 137 persons.

This was reported by the advisor to the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Yuriy Tandit on the air of "112 Ukraine" TV channel.

According to him, militants detain civilians and accuse them of crimes that they did not commit. In addition, they detain people crossing the disengagement line. That's exactly, according to Yuri Tandit, how militants arrested judge Vitaliy Rudenko, who was released from captivity on the eve.

Last autumn Vitaliy Rudenko went to the father's funeral, having security guarantees from the Luhansk authorities. But as soon as he crossed the disengagement line, he was immediately detained.

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