Kyivenerho complains about billions of hryvnyas of Kyivans' debts

27.07.2017 р., 15:00

Kyivenergo calls residents of the capital to pay off debts for consumed utilities. Otherwise, it predicts a possible failure of the heating season. Debt of the capital before Kyivenergo for consumed utilities has exceeded three and a half billion hryvnia. Of this amount, more than a billion was owed by the state for subsidies, but these funds will be compensated in the near future, hopes Tetyana Gryaznova, financial director of the company. The rest was accumulated by housing utilities companies, state institutions and, most of all, the population. So, to force the Kievans to pay, Kyivenerho is preparing lawsuits.

With details - Tetyana Vlasenko:

To stop accumulation of communal debts of the population for utilities is possible by efforts of the state only, says director of the "Institute of the City" Olexander Sergiyenko. In comments for the Ukrainian radio the expert noted that communal debts in Ukraine increased sharply after a significant increase in tariffs. And as long as the price of gas is not lowered , the situation with payments will be critical, because Ukrainian salaries do not correspond to almost European tariffs, Olexander Sergiyenko suggests.

Kyivenerho complains about billions of hryvnyas of Kyivans' debts

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