LPR denies participation in creation of Malorossiya

18.07.2017 р., 15:20

Chairman of the so-called People's Council of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic (LPR)" Vladimir Degtiarenko has denied the participation of representatives of LPR in the event held in Donetsk, where Donetsk People's Republic head Oleksandr Zakharchenko [on July 18] announced the establishment of the Malorossiya state.

"LPR did not send its official delegates to Donetsk to participate in the meeting of representatives of the regions of Ukraine. In fact, we were not even aware of the intention to host this event. This issue was not coordinated with us," militant-controlled Luhansk Information Centre quotes Degtiarenko as saying.

He said, "At the moment the expediency of such a step raises serious doubts."

"After all, such decisions can only be taken with regard to the opinion of the people. In addition, we are currently observing the Minsk agreements. There are no other alternatives," Degtiarenko said, adding that they are ready to discuss this issue in the LPR if the issue is raised.

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