Self-proclaimed Donbas republics, Russia hold 177 Ukrainians captive – SBU

13.08.2015 р., 14:20

"One hundred and seventy-seven Ukrainians are held captive on the territory of the self-proclaimed 'DPR' and 'LPR', and in Russia, 60 of them are civilians, the rest are the soldiers of Ukrainian Armed Forces, national guardsmen and volunteers," the TV channel quoted Tandit as saying. In addition, the SBU has information that 30 Ukrainians now are illegally detained in Russia. "We have recently found traces of our soldier in Belgorod region. His relatives recognized him by a photo. He was in a medical facility. We are watching closely and following his whereabouts there. We'll do our best to take him from Russia as soon as possible," Tandit said.