Kyiv, Minsk to boost joint border demarcation, count on EU support – Makei

12.08.2015 р., 16:40

"We are actively working on the demarcation of our joint border. Hopefully, this process will not be suspended and will develop actively, for instance, we count on the assistance of the European Union, our European partners, in the infrastructural development of our borders," Makei said at a joint press briefing with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin in Kyiv on Wednesday. The Belarusian foreign minister was unable to answer a journalist's question as to when the border development process would be complete. "Border development is very complex, expensive and labor-consuming work which will take at least a number of upcoming years," Makei said. Belarus has set the task of developing borders with all neighbors, he said. Minsk is expecting to make progress in border demarcation with Ukraine this year. "We have planned to develop approximately 580 kilometers of the border in 2014-2015 and most works have already been done. We are hoping for positive dynamics in this area," Makei said. In turn, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said that Ukraine and Belarus would build a European-style border, which would not separate Ukrainians and Belarusians and they would often exchange visits. "It will not be an impediment to contacts between people. We are working on a European-style border," he said.