SBU investigating Savchenko's hostages list to provide legal assessment

12.01.2017 р., 11:35
"Main Investigation Department of the SBU is determining the legal assessment of the fact of the publication of the hostages' list by Savchenko," Tandit said in comments with Interfax-Ukraine on Wednesday evening. As reported, on January 10 People's deputy of Ukraine Nadia Savchenko on her Facebook page unveiled lists of hostages held in the Donbas territory not controlled by Ukraine's authorities, as well as Ukrainian political prisoners held in Russian prisons and in Crimea occupied by Russia, including the list of persons, the DPR/LPR leadership wants to get from the Ukrainian side. In particular, the MP released a list of 41 Ukrainian (with their first names, surnames and patronymics, as well as dates of birth), which are held by the DPR/LPR and confirmed by them. She also provided a list of similar information about 121 Ukrainians whom the Ukrainian side want release. Yuriy Tandit, an advisor to the SBU chief, said that the lists published by Savchenko are incorrect and this step may also harm the families of persons mentioned in them. According to Tandit, hustlers can phone the relatives posing as persons authorized by militants and promise to release a hostage for a reward.

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