Russia stages bloody provocations in eastern Ukraine – NSDC

10.08.2015 р., 18:50

"This bloody crime will look like as if Ukrainian Armed Forces take the offensive in response to numerous provocations," NSDC posted a statement of its secretary Oleksandr Turchynov on its website. According to him, Moscow stages provocations to blame Ukrainian leadership of crimes against humanity and "to initiate bringing of the Ukrainian government to account on an international level, when terrorist attacks itself are to distract attention of the world community from Russia's liability for downed Boeing, to legitimize and justify stirring up of Russia aggression, as well as to deprive Ukraine of the world's support and to make it internationally isolated."According to Turchynov, the Russian leadership aims at provoking killing of the same number of civilians on the occupied territories during the terrorist attacks equal to the number of the people killed during MH17 disaster. "Russian security services selecting facilities of massive people gathering: kindergartens, educational establishments, houses, infrastructure facilities and others to perfect scenarios of future terrorist attacks," he said.