Ukraine cuts gas imports by 27.2% in 7 months

3.08.2015 р., 14:20

Gas imports from Europe accounted for around two-thirds of total imports, and the share of gas imports from Russia totaled one-third (6.9 bcm and 3.8 bcm, respectively). Gas imports estimated at 600 million cubic meters (mcm) in July 2015 came from Slovakia only. Daily gas shipments from Slovakia to Ukraine as of the morning of August 3 totaled 22.8 mcm. Ukraine does not import gas from any other countries. As reported, on July 1, 2015, Ukraine suspended gas imports from Russia due to inflated gas prices. In 2014, Ukraine imported 19.466 bcm from Russia and Europe, worth$5.695 billion. In particular, imports from Europe totaled 5.016 bcm worth $1.755 billion, from Russia - 14.450 bcm worth $3.940 billion.