Swiss government to allocate $3.5 mln to improve investment climate in Ukraine

31.03.2016 р., 15:45

“The Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs will allocate $3.5 million for the implementation of a consultative project on the improvement of investment climate in Ukraine,” Osmochescu said, Ukrinform reports. According to him, apart from the Swiss governmental institutions, this project also involves the International Finance Corporation, the World Bank and the Ukrainian Agrarian Policy Ministry and the Economic Development Ministry. The program is planned to be realized within three years. “Under this program the efforts will be aimed at bringing the Ukrainian food safety system to the EU standards, and the deregulation for the Ukrainian suppliers in foreign and domestic markets. According to the most conservative estimates, the implementation of such a project will save up to $85 million for the Ukrainian producers within 3 years, and this will have positive effect on the Ukrainian government, which will get better investment climate in the country, and the Ukrainian people, who will have products of the European quality produced in Ukraine,” Osmochescu said.

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